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About Our Company

International Protection and Investigation is a family-owned and operated company. Founded over 50 years ago, our current owner’s father began our business by providing security for the railroad industry. Along with his mother, who was an experienced detective, our current owner has inherited the natural skills it takes to succeed in this demanding field while carrying on the five decade strong tradition of excellence his father instilled in him and the company.

Since 1959, International Protection and Investigation has successfully grown and now employs over 100 highly trained personnel. Most of our staff have five to ten year tenures with us and are each valued for the quality and professionalism they deliver. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to provide service to a variety of small and large businesses, organizations and communities. The business relationships we’ve built have been long-term due to our attentive management, quality personnel and strong ethical standards.

IPI provides ironclad protection of your assets

“International Protection and Investigation is here to listen to your security concerns and provide service that exemplifies our commitment to quality, integrity and protection for you and your most valuable assets.”

Fred Humberstone, Jr

President, International Protection and Investigation

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